How To Save On Your Air Conditioning Bill

Using an air conditioner in the summer months can make your electric bill skyrocket upwards; this increases your energy costs up to an additional 75% of your normal bill. The best way to save the most is not using an air conditioning system. However, that is unrealistic for many areas, so you have to learn the main tips you can do to assist in lowering your energy costs and the total of work your air conditioner does. This way you can reduce your electric bill while still being comfortable in the summer months.

1. Raise the temperature you set your air condition on

Raising the temperature by a few degrees can significantly lower the amount of energy your air conditioner expends. For every degree below 80 degrees Fahrenheit that you have your AC set on, you are using almost 4% more power every hour, because the cooler it is in your house, the more heat your home will try to absorb and the air conditioner will have to work even harder to cool your house down again.

2. Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans help make your home extra comfortable and relaxing while helping lowering your bills in the summer and winter. During the summer, ceiling fans can make you feel up to 10 degrees cooler when they are blowing on you. To provide the best cooling in addition to your air conditioning, a ceiling fan should turn counter-clockwise when you are under it looking up. This means that it is blowing air downwards. During the winter, switch it to clockwise to help move the heat around and make your home feel warmer. More info: air conditioning palatine

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